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Checks carried out:

Fit seat cover & floor mat

Drain oil & refill

Replace oil filter

Check for general oil leaks – report serious leaks

Check for timing belt replacement interval & report

Check radiator condition & security & report

Check the condition of the radiator cap

Check coolant hoses for leaks & condition, check securing clips for tightness & report

Visually inspect expansion tank for leaks & cap security

Check electric cooling fan for operation where applicable

Check condition & tension of serpentine/Auxiliary belts (not timing/cam belt)

Replace Cabin filter

Report if spark plugs are due to be changed (visually & by mileage)

Check & record coolant strength/ top up as required

Check fuel cap condition

Check visual conditions of fuel lines

Check clutch operation

Check & top up brake fluid

Check driveshaft gaiters & report

Check prop/driveshaft/joints

Check operation of exterior lights

Check operation of interior lights

Check horn

Check battery security & lubricate terminals

Top up battery (where applicable)

Visually inspect HT leads /distributor cap/coil pack(s) (where applicable)

Check/top-up PAS fluid reservoir

Check steering/suspension components for wear & corrosion

Check steering rack gaiters condition & report

Check wheel bearings for excessive noise &/or play

Check shock absorber condition & report any leaks as necessary

Inspect exhaust system for leaks, supports & corrosion

Visual smoke check (diesels only)

Check brake pads for wear & report

Check brake callipers for fluid leaks & security

Check brake load sensing valve for operation &/or leaks

Visually check brakes hydraulic system for leaks & report

Check parking brake linkages & travel & report

Check brake servo operation

Check for warning lamps & report

Check tyre size & fitted according to sidewall instructions

Check tyre condition & tread depth & report (see overleaf)

Check & adjust tyre pressures as necessary

Set wheel nut torques to correct setting

Check windscreen wipers (front & rear) condition & report

Check windscreen washer operation & top-up if required

Check windscreen for chips/cracks

Check door  & interior mirrors condition

Check number plate condition

Change pollen/cabin filter

Check all seat belts

Reset service indicator (subject to data)

Stamp service history record/Update Digital Service Record

Remove seat cover & floor mat

Wash & Vac service

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